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Under the patronage of
Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II

ART Café - Menu

Breathe out in our cozy café and enjoy the atmosphere of the museum street that is open to all - you don't have to pay entrance fee to the museum to visit the ART Café. 

ART Café serves freshly brewed coffee, fine desserts and delicious sandwich and regional specialties. We look forward to your visit, whether you are a guest at the museum or just drop by to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings.


Breakfast (served 10am-12pm): organic egg, skyr (strained yoghurt) with berries and granola, sourdough bread, organic chees, home made jam and pastry. Incl. coffee/tea. Dkr. 100


  • Four small dishes with bread. Dkr. 75
  • Salad of the day with bread. Dkr. 68
  • Sandwich with smoked trout with fresh herbs. Dkr. 55
  • Sandwich with ham and pickled onions. Dkr. 55
  • Vegetarian sandwich. Dkr. 55

hot dish

  • Mussels steamed in herbs and light beer. Dkr. 115


  • Bun. Dkr. 25
  • Sausage roll with ketchup. Dkr. 16
  • Kids meal: Bread, cheese, fruit/vegetables and drink. Dkr. 55


  • Cookie. Dkr. 26
  • Cake of the day. Dkr. 35
  • Croissant. Dkr 20
  • Croissant with chocolate. Dkr. 24



ARos after hours - ENJOY A delicious dish

On Wednesday night at. 18:00 to 21:00 offers chef in ART Café a hot dish with seasonal ingredients incl. a glass of wine or a beer from the De Jyske Bryghuse. Kr. 160,-

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