Under the patronage of
Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II

ART Restaurant & Cafe

ARoS ART Restaurant offers a unique dining experience with the most spectacular views of any restaurant in Aarhus. In the restaurant's ambitious kitchen the seasons inspire the menu with local specialties.

We look forward to serving you.

ART Restaurants lunch plate
Served weekends 10.30-15.00
Lunch plate with 3 house specialties, the chef’s choice, from the season with cheese, sweet and homemade bread.

Kr. 228,-

Please note: during weekends we only serve brunch in ART Restaurant. However, special lunches are available if pre-ordered. Contact the restaurant for more information and ordering.

ART Café

Hot dishes

Steak of Danish beef with lettuce, new potatoes and herb dressing
Kr. 138,-

Blue mussels in beer and herbs
Kr. 105,-

Smoked shrimp with sorrel mayo and toasted bread
Kr. 88,-

Cold dishes:

Salad of the day
Kr.  64,-

Nordic tapas
Kr. 68,-

Fish cakes with rye bread, homemade remoulade and fennel salad
Kr. 115,-


Organic sandwich bread with braised lamb, horse mint and thyme
Kr. 55,-

Sandwich with smoked wild salmon, Cottage cheese and fennel
Kr. 55,-

Vegetarian Sandwich with dressing of nuts and herbs, summer salads and root crops
Kr. 55,-




Selection of buns
Kr. 25,-

Sliced ​​fruit in bag
Kr. 15,-

Kids Pack: a beverage, fruit, bread, jam, butter and cheese
Kr. 55,-

Breakfast: freshly baked bread,
organic cheese, butter and jam incl. coffee or tea
Kr. 55 -


Rhubarb layer with Bio cream and crunchy macaroons
Kr. 68,-

Kr. 22,-

Cake of the day 
Kr. 35,-

Kr. 20,-

Chocolate croissant
Kr. 24,-


Steak of Danish beef with lettuce, new potatoes and herb dressing incl. a glass of wine or a Jacobsen beer

Kr. 150,-

Summer Restaurant


Peas from samsø with shoots, skt hansurt and smoked mackerel
Kr. 105

Grilled salmon with new cabbage, green tomatoes and sorrel
Kr. 110

Beef tatar with wood sorrel, green strawberries, capers and new onions
Kr. 115

Plaice with new potatoes, lettuce and gherkins
Kr. 130

Grilled kidney brave with new carrots, sea buckthorn and yellow beet roots
Kr. 150

Cheese with rose hips and walnuts
3 kinds of cheese kr. 85
5 kinds of cheese kr. 120

Strawberries, bio-cream and dark chocolat
Kr. 75

Art Restaurants Seasonal Specialties 5 small dishes in one serving
Kr. 228


Wednesday from 17.30-21.00

Peas from Samsø with mackerel, beach peas and angelica

Shrimps from Rømø, grilled salmon, smoked cheese, salted herbs

Raw beef green strawberries, sorrel, new onions

Plaice, new potatoes, white asparagus, bronze fennel

Summer Venison with carrots, sea buckthorn and yellow beetroot

Danish organic cheese with rose hips and our own honey

Local strawberries with bio cream and dark chocolate


2 retter / 2 course kr. 265 + wine kr. 205,-
3 retter / 3 course kr. 325 + wine kr. 275,-
4 retter / 4 course kr. 385 + wine kr. 305,-
5 retter / 5 course kr. 445 + wine kr. 345,-
6 retter / 6 course kr. 495 + wine kr. 365,-


Reservation at ART Restaurant: Contact +45 8730 6650 or +45 8730 6603.