Under the patronage of
Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II

ART Restaurant

ARoS ART Restaurant offers a unique dining experience with the most spectacular views of any restaurant in Aarhus. In the restaurant's ambitious kitchen the seasons inspire the menu with local specialties.

We look forward to serving you.

ART Restaurant:

ART Lunch -  Tuesday-FRiday: 11.00-15.00


ART Evenning - wednesdays  17.30-21.00

Lobster fish cakes, smoked potatoes. rye bread
Kr. 135,-

Pumpkin, bronze fennel, calendula and prawns   
Kr. 120,-

Halibut, blueberries, malt and hazelnuts
Kr. 135,-

Mullet, beans, summer cabbage and beurre blanc
Kr. 150,-

Sika deer, smoked heart, porcinimushroom and blackberries
Kr. 165,-

Danish cheese with plum, rowan berries and honey     
3 cheeses kr. 88,- ∙ 5 cheeses kr. 120,-

Pear, ash, white chocolate
Kr.  75,-

ART Restaurants lunch plate
Lunch plate with 3 house specialties, the chef’s choice, from the season with cheese, Sweet and homemade bread
Kr. 228,-


Lobster fish cakes, smoked potatoes. rye bread   

Pumpkin, bronze fennel, calendula, prawns                            

Halibut, blueberries, malt, hazelnuts

Mullet, beans, summer cabbage, beurre blanc

Sika deer, hearts, porcinimushroom,blackberries

Danish cheese, plum, rowan berries, honey

Pear, ash, white chocolate

2 dishes Kr. 265,-
3 dishes Kr. 325,-
4 dishes Kr. 385,-
5 dishes Kr. 445,-

Wine menu for:
2 dishes Kr. 205,-
3 dishes Kr. 275,-
4 dishes Kr. 305,-
5 dishes Kr. 365,-


Reservation at ART Restaurant: Contact +45 8730 6650 or +45 8730 6603.


Every weekend you can enjoy our luxury brunch and lunch buffet with delicious brunch and breakfast dishes. Kr. 188

Saturday - Sunday 10.30 to 15.00

Please note: during weekends we only serve brunch/lunch buffet in ART Restaurant.