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ARoS Publishing

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum has its own publishing company. The publications are related to the museum collections and exhibitions.

In our Vision Plan ARoS 2020, a separate goal stipulates that the museum should also act as a professional authority whose hallmark is relevance and integrity. In this capacity, ARoS publishes research-based monographs and holds international symposia, contributing to position the museum as an international professional authority.

Museum publications are subjected to peer review in accordance with the following standard:

  • The reviewer is always external and independent of the museum.
  • The reviewer holds a PhD or equivalent.
  • The review is carried out as a double-blind, i.e. where the two parties do not know each other’s identity. This must be documented each time.
  • The reviewer prepares a written review of the manuscript in which scholarly norms, professional relevance, and quality are evaluated, and any suggestions for improvements are outlined.
  • The peer-reviewed articles must be research-based and contribute to scholarship, but preferably written in an easy-to-read language.
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