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A declaration of love from an art collector

In co-operation with one of Denmark's largest and boldest art collectors, ARoS has selected works from his substantial collection of international contemporary art. The exhibition "CON AMORE – the Leif Djurhuus Collection" presents museum guests with important works of art, in the view of a passionate art collector

The international exhibition "CON AMORE - the Leif Djurhuus Collection" will give visitors to ARoS Aarhus Art Museum a unique glimpse of the extensive collection of international contemporary art of one of Denmark's largest art collectors, Leif Djurhuus. The collection does not possess any particular overall characteristic; it merely reflects one man's love of art, and consists of bold art purchases made with the heart.

"CON AMORE – the Leif Djurhuus Collection" in the Special Exhibition Gallery will show approximately 200 works of art, selected in close collaboration between Leif Djurhuus and ARoS, and plucked from a collection of more than 2,000 works.


In addition to experimental and impulsive art purchases made while travelling around the world, the exhibition also reflects Leif Djurhuus' special passion for young contemporary art. Characteristic of the collection is its focus on undiscovered young artists, and guests will not only gain a rare glimpse into an otherwise closed world, but also an opportunity to see young, internationally-acclaimed contemporary artists whose works have not yet found their way into Danish museums. There are also early works by Danish artists such as Olafur Eliasson, John Kørner and HuskMitNavn, as well as works by Anna Boghiguian, Anselm Reyle, Gabriel Kuri, Dearraindrop, Chris Johanson, Wes Lang, Kendell Geers, Graham Hudson, Ingen Frygt, William Kendtridge, Juan Muños, Lea Porsager, T.M. Davy, Robert Kusmirowski, Victor Man, Adrian Ghenie, Katherine Bernhardt, Francine Spiegel, Dash Snow, Rory Macbeth, and others.

The Leif Djurhuus Collection spans the last 30 years of Danish and international art, and encompasses all the various forms of visual art expression, from painting, video and sculpture to interactive objects and installation art.


For Leif Djurhuus, art is not a matter of knowledge – it's about being open to new experiences. His upbringing in a Faeroese maritime family in the Copenhagen suburb of Brøndbyvester did not give him many opportunities to encounter art. But when he first discovered art – at an exhibition by Sven Dalsgaard at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in 1985 – it set something in motion in him. Since then, the great events of the art world such as Documenta in Kassel, the Art Basel fair, the Frieze Art Fair in London and fairs in Mexico City have brought him many good experiences and additions to his collection.

Leif Djurhuus is a Supreme Court lawyer and a partner at Plesner, one of Denmark's largest legal firms. His interest in art is a hobby, and all of the works are, in his own words, "acquired through the desire that arises when I encounter art that attempts to say something to me". 


In connection with the exhibition, ARoS is publishing the catalogue 'CON AMORE – Djurhuus Collection'. The catalogue has 120 pages and is richly illustrated with pictures of Leif Djurhuus' extensive collection. The catalogue is equipped with a foreword by curator Jens Erik Sørensen of ARoS, and text contributions by exhibition coordinator Rasmus Christian Stenbakken and Sanne Flyvbjerg, the manager and curator of the Djurhuus Collection.


CON AMORE – the Leif Djurhuus Collection
26 August 2011 - 22 January 2012
Special Exhibitions Gallery, Level 1


Djurhuus Samling

Foto: Martin Bubandt.

TM Davy, Kalup
Reclining Nude 2007

TM Davy: Kalup Reclining Nude, 2007

Spiegel, Alderville 2009 Dearraindrop,
Sphinx 2003
Francine Spiegel Alderville, 2009. Dearraindrop Sphinx, 2003.

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