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Erlend Høyersten The New Director of ARoS

The 40-year-old Norwegian is to take up the post on 1 January 2014 as the successor to Jens Erik Sørensen

After a long and painstaking appointments procedure, the board of governors of ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum have chosen to appoint Erlend Høyersten as the museum’s new director. The initial appointment is for five years dating from 1 January 2014 with the possibility of an extension for a further three years. Erlend Høyersten comes from the post of Director of the Bergen Museums.

“A united board of governors is delighted to be able to appoint Erlend Høyersten as the new director. We had a large number of highly qualified applicants for the post. The list included no fewer than 26 talented applicants from both Denmark and abroad, many of whom were undoubtedly qualified for the post. The appointments procedure has clearly demonstrated to us that ARoS is a guarantee of quality in Denmark and is also well on the way to having the same reputation abroad. We are convinced that Erlend Høyersten can take ARoS yet a further significant step on the route to international recognition,” says the chairman of the board of governors, adding:

“During the course of a very painstaking appointments process, Erlend Høyersten has convinced us that he has the strong personality, the professional understanding and the network of contacts necessary both to create exhibitions of a very high quality for the people of Aarhus and to give ARoS a still more outstanding position in the international museum landscape. With the contribution he has made to developing the museums in Bergen, Erlend Høyersten has also shown that he is possessed of the ability both to work with others and to lead the way that is necessary in order both to ensure that an organisation as large as ARoS can function optimally and to create good relations with associate bodies such as charitable foundations and sponsors.”


The new director is very much looking forward to being at the head of ARoS. Erlend Høyersten says:

“It has been interesting to follow the development of ARoS over the last ten years or so. It is amazing what has been achieved both in terms of the quality of the exhibitions and the numbers of visitors to the museum. The results are admirable and have resulted in ARoS reaping great recognition throughout the world of art. The post of director of ARoS is my dream job, and I look forward to undertaking the fascinating task of taking developments further so that the powerful reputation achieved by ARoS will be even more firmly established on the international art scene.”

The coming director has already aired a few of his ambitions for ARoS during the appointments process. And now he will make use of the coming six months to further sharpen his ideas and plans for the museum.

“ARoS occupies an incredibly strong position as an art museum with its international outlook and its strong local ties. But the museum’s potential goes yet further. And it is this potential I am looking forward to bringing to fruition in close collaboration with the other members of the governing board and with my new colleagues,” says Erlend Høyersten.


Despite his youth, Erlend Høyersten already has extensive experience behind him as the head of a museum. He had already at the age of 31 been appointed head of Sørlandets Kunstmuseum in Kristiansand. Five and a half years later he was appointed deputy director of the Art Museums in Bergen, only to be promoted a year later to the directorship of all four museums gathered together under the common designation of KODE, the Art Museums in Bergen.

Erlend Høyersten is not a stranger to ARoS and those who work there. On the one hand, ARoS worked closely with him in connection with the museum’s most successful exhibition ever: EDVARD MUNCH – Angst/Anxiety for which Høyersten and KODE, the Art Museums in Bergen, made no fewer than 23 paintings available. And on the other hand there was close collaboration in connection with the Tony Matelli exhibition which Erlend Høyersten took over after it had been shown in ARoS in the autumn of 2012.

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