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On 7 March 2015, ARoS will be opening its doors to a new exhibition series in the West Gallery: ARoS FOCUS//NEW NORDIC. The series will direct focus at Nordic contemporary art and will be running for a period of three years. A total of nine young Nordic artists will be presented. 

‘We want to present the kind of art to our museum visitors that they won’t normally have access to. Art by interesting international artists. Art that is largely unknown, but relevant, appealing and to the point. ARoS FOCUS//NEW NORDIC is an interesting option intended to meet the ever rising expectations of our visitors and expanding their horizons even further,’ says Erlend Høyersten, museum director, ARoS.


The Nordic countries attract much attention on the international art scene, and the trend within recent years has been that young Nordic artists show abroad before they get the opportunity to do so in their native Nordic countries.

‘The purpose of this series of exhibitions is to direct focus on the highly qualified and, in some cases, already internationally recognised Nordic artists, securing them well-deserved public attention in their home countries,’ says Lise Pennington, curator and acting senior curator, ARoS. 


In the course of 2015, the exhibition series ARoS FOCUS//NEW NORDIC will present three artists with very different productions. The opening exhibition will feature the Norwegian Gardar Eide Einarsson and the sequence will be closed by the Swedish artist couple Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, who have received major international acclaim. Sandwiched between these two exhibitions will be the young Danish talent, E.B. Itso, regarded as one of the artists who will be marking out the Nordic countries as a pivotal point in international art contexts in the future.

Gardar Eide Einarsson was born in 1976 in Norway. Einarsson uses found materials, pictures and symbols which he converts into posters, photos, paintings, videos and installations. His artistic universe is angular, raw, often black-and-white and generally uncompromising. Two kinds of imagery come together in Einarsson: graffiti print emerging from the skater culture and the stringency of modern art. His art has references to politics, pop culture, power structures and is critical of institutions. It is full of action and consequence and must be explored by the visitor in pursuit of meaning and nexus. 

E.B. ITSO 13 June – 20th September 2015

The Danish artist E.B. Itso recently graduated from Malmö Art Academy. He is active within a broad field spanning, amongst much else, photography, film, architectural intervention and installation. His point of departure is a sensitive registration of our surroundings. He is preoccupied with overlooked elements in and surrounding our cities, finding beauty in things undiscovered, concealed and forgotten. He started photographing at the age of 15-16. At the time, it was all about retaining something before it disappeared. Today, he sees his pictures as documentation of people and situations. He is drawn by simple and primitive places and environments. He moves in places that would seem strange, unfamiliar and untouched to most people. 

NATHALIE DJURBERG & HANS BERG - 22 October 2015 – 22 February 2016

Taking their point of departure in especially the visual artist Nathalie Djurberg’s (1978) personal fantasies and notions, the artist couple attempt to visualise the often less flattering aspects of the human psyche. This they achieve via integrated installations consisting of large modelled sculptures, video animations and atmospheric music. Nathalie Djurberg and the composer Hans Berg (1978) provide a space in their works for frustration, fear, desire, violence and imagination in a very private and symbolic manner coinciding with a special zeitgeist characterised by a strong focus on the individual and on identity.

Exhibition manager for ARoS FOCUS//NEW NORDIC: acting senior curator Lise Pennington.

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