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ARoS creates new contexts for museum learning

A catalyst for social fora and a space for creative activities for people of all ages. ARoS MUSEION will be a modern forum defining new standards for museum learning. Nordea-fonden has earmarked a total of DKK 26.5 m to the project.


In 2016, ARoS will be offering brand new facilities for the creative part of museum learning: ARoS MUSEION. Together with THE NEXT LEVEL, MUSEION is an important step towards ARoS’ vision 2020, and the learning centre will comprise 1900 square metres on ARoS’ Level 3.

‘With the launching of MUSEION, ARoS will be setting new standards for museum learning. We want to create a mental fitness centre striving to dovetail museum relevance with people, everyday life, society, and the world around us,’ says Erlend G. Høyersten, director, ARoS.

MUSEION will enable ARoS to facilitate the level of learning set out in its vision 2020.

‘We want to future-proof museum learning at ARoS and to set the framework for future museum learning in Danish museums. ARoS’ learning will be broadly based and comprise widespread collaboration with external partners. MUSEION will be a space for social fora and information exchange,’ says Erlend G. Høyersten.


The DKK 26.5 m pledged by Nordea-fonden will not only make sure that MUSEION is set to open its doors in a year’s time. The support pledged by the foundation will also help ensure that activity levels remain high from day one.

‘MUSEION will be a social art forum teeming with life, activities, and space for reflection. Everyone will be able to wise up to art, themselves, and our common world. MUSEION aims to share the world of art with new target groups – it’ll be a milestone in the museum landscape,’ says Henrik Lehmann Andersen, director of Nordea-fonden, who supports initiatives that aim to enhance the quality of life.


MUSEION will be a lively place featuring daily activities where creative development and traditional learning will converge in experimental programmes. The museum will be a catalyst for new social encounters and ARoS’ educational activities must be relevant, integral, and appealing. MUSEION is a modern-day ‘village hall’ where people meet through activities. There will be opportunities for creative activities for all ages – alternative encounters with authentic artistic practice, debates, and events to take issue with people’s traditional expectations.


Studeo provides the context for creative learning. It consists of three new workshops to cater for the 150,000 children and young adults who already visit ARoS. Further, there will be facilities supporting ARoS’ idea of offering e-learning to school classes who are unable to visit the museum.


ARoS wants to set up an atelier at the museum where artists and museum visitors can discuss the creation of art. An important mission for MUSEION will be to bridge the gap between art, artists, and visitors.

ARoS Salon:

MUSEION will be the setting for a modern Salon. ARoS Salon will balance on the verge of the public and homely sphere with focus on evolving learning methods that will seek to mix good experiences with information.     

New immersion zone:

With its immersion zone, ARoS hopes to accommodate the need for basic knowledge about the different art historical periods and concepts. MUSEION will offer a number of digital learning stations combining play and information and engendering intuitive relations between visitors and the collection at ARoS.

Reconstructing Level 3 to accommodate MUSEION will start in the spring of 2016 and is expected to finish in the early autumn of 2016. With MUSEION, ARoS expects an extra 100,000 visitors per year.

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