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2016 will see big international names, young Nordic artists, and a brand new learning centre at ARoS. 

ARoS proudly presents the programme for 2016. It is ambitious and will continue and expand the initiatives started by the museum in 2015.

‘In 2016, ARoS will be inviting visitors to take part in numerous events designed to offer insight and reflection. In terms of exhibitions, the year ahead will be very physical with important international artists and a continuation of the exhibition series ARoS FOCUS//NEW NORDIC. In addition to this, we will be inaugurating MUSEION ­– a modern learning centre elevating museum learning activities to new levels,” says museum director Erlend G. Høyersten, ARoS. 


LEONARD RICKHARD: February-May 2016

Leonard Rickhard (b. 1945) is one of the most significant contemporary Norwegian artists. ARoS will be the first museum outside Norway to launch a large-scale exhibition of his art. Quiet forest scenes, red huts, collections of stuffed birds and weary constructors of models figure among this Norwegian artist’s preferred motifs.

The encounter between man and nature plays a major role for Leonard Rickhard, who is able to formulate a human existential vacuum – a disquietude in a largely noisy reality – using characteristic hushed metaphors. 


This summer, ARoS stages a bold presentation of the American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989). The exhibition features many of Mapplethorpe’s best works from the 1970s and 80s – including portraits of famous female personalities such as Patti Smith, Louise Bourgeois, and the body builder Lisa Lyon. Through powerfully orchestrated, technically perfect, and sensual (even pornographic) photos, Mapplethorpe addresses the issues of body, gender, and identity. 

GRAYSON PERRY: June-September 2016

With an extensive solo presentation at ARoS, Grayson Perry (b. 1960), British winner of the Turner Prize 2003, shows his subtle, provoking, and beautiful works of art in Denmark. He is possibly best known as the potter ’in drag’. At a first glance, his vases appear to be traditional pottery, but a closer look reveals provoking statements, motifs from the gutter press as well as rude pictures. The exhibition also features Perry’s huge woven tapestries. They relate stories collected by the artist on his research trips in connection with the making of a series of prizewinning TV-programmes.

JOANA VASCONCELOS: October 2016-February 2017

The Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos (b. 1971) had her breakthrough in 2011 in Venice with a huge colourful crocheted suspended installation at Palazzo Grassi. In 2013, she created a gigantic chandelier made of more than 25,000 tampons in Tel Aviv. Since then her career has boomed. A large part of Vasconcelos’ work is about feminism – both as a social and a political phenomenon. She works with traditional Portuguese craft traditions including tiles, ceramics, fabric, knitting, and crochet. With sumptuous explosions of colour and authentic materials, she focuses on everyday routines subjecting them to fresh scrutiny.

J.F. WILLUMSEN: November 2016-March 2017

Come autumn, ARoS will be revealing a bolder side of J.F. Willumsen (1863-1958) than the one we usually see. With this exhibition, ARoS will be stretching the traditional view of Willumsen by focusing on underexposed sides of his many motifs – those sides that were formerly dismissed as kitsch or even bad art, and which occasionally resulted in Willumsen now and again dropping out of Danish art history. The exhibition will e.g. seek to address how Willumsen in many ways was ahead of his time. A number of his best known works will be presented in innovative ways at ARoS.


ARoS FOCUS//NEW NORDIC: the exhibition series focusing on young Nordic artists

Jani Leinonen: March-June 2016

In the exhibition School of Disobedience, the Finnish artist Jani Leinonen (b. 1978) will be addressing the issue of how art can become a catalyst for political activism. Leinonen uses a classroom as the backdrop for a performance which questions the passivity that Leinonen believes to be a distinguishing factor of education. In another series of works, Leinonen uses increasingly recognisable elements such as popular slogans and brands, and he subjects mascots from global companies (e.g. Ronald McDonald) to kidnapping and beheading. Leinonen is formed by the ironic distance characterising the 90s. He is an activist acknowledging his own consumption. By making use of familiar visual expressions, Jani Leinonen is able to short-circuit the language of money.

Meriç Algün Ringborg: July-September 2016

Meriç Algün Ringborg (b. 1983) was born in Turkey, but lives in Stockholm. Ringborg’s personal experiences of gaining Swedish citizenship form the basis of several of her works. They describe her encounter with the system, linguistic barriers, and the feeling of being caught between two identities. Meric Algün Ringborg’s idiom is multi-faceted and her works bring into focus the border areas that influence us both physically and culturally. She has created a series of poetic installations reminiscent of the rooms in a home, and she also works with billboards in urban spaces addressing issues of migration and integration. This year, she showed at the Venice Biennale, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, and the Istanbul Biennial.

The Icelandic Love Corporation: October 2016-January 2017

For several years, the Icelandic artists’ community The Icelandic Love Corporation has been creating works of art together as well as in collaboration with e.g. the singer Bjørk. Their colourful artistic practice blends practically all conceivable artistic media whose quirky combinations create performances and installations addressing important issues. Their art is characterised by irony, humour, and soberness. The Icelandic Love Corporation is a refreshing example of political art confronting the seriousness of the art world. They break down the barriers between theatre and performance and create art that questions gender roles, overproduction, and sexuality.


CATCH16 (junior biennial): 8 February 2016-13 March 2016

Under the heading FUCK IDENTITY, 60 young people aged between 14 and 23 will have the opportunity to work intensively on creating art projects in close collaboration with professional artists and other young talents. CATCH16 is about national and personal identity, about developing identity and, not least, about the identity evolving through wanting to be part of a community. Later, the works will be shown in ARoS’ Level 3 gallery. This is the fourth time that ARoS has staged this ambitious junior biennial.

Press Photo of the Year 2015/2016: 17 March 2016-17th April 2016

We are pleased once again to welcome the exhibition Press Photo of the Year to ARoS.

The exhibition is produced by Pressefotografforbundet (the Union of Press Photographers) and consists of winning photos and multi-media works. The exhibition proves that the press photo is a genre operating with the classic photo while at the same time evolving new forms of photo journalism by e.g. including moving pictures.


ARoS’ new learning centre will open in the autumn of 2016. MUSEION is a mental fitness centre seeking to tailor the relevance of the museum to people, everyday life, society, and the surrounding world. Together with THE NEXT LEVEL, MUSEION constitutes an important step forward in being able to meet the ARoS 2020 plan of vision. The learning centre will cover 1900 square metres on Level 3 and be a space where creativity and traditional educational activities will converge in innovative experimental programmes. MUSEION is supported by Nordea-fonden.

Robert Mapplethorpe -Self Portrait

Robert Mapplethorpe: Self Portrait

LeonardRickhard_Ryggvendt figur i nattlig interiør II_2007-09

Leonard, Rickhard: Ryggvendt figur i nattlig interiør II. 2007-09

Grayson Perry The Adoration Of The Cage Fighters , 201

Grayson Perry: The Adoration Of The Cage Fighters, 2012

Joana Vasconcelos: Portrait , 2014. Foto Alfredo Cunha

Joana Vasconcelos Valkyrie Octopus , 2015

Joana Vasconcelos: Valkyrie Octopus, 2015

J.F.Willumsen Den Grønne Pige , 1922

J.F.Willumsen: Den Grønne Pige, 1922

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