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Mental fitness in ARoS Public

Opens wednesday 26 october at 4 p.m., level 3.

Sink your hands into art, let your eyes team up with technology, get words in your eyes, and throw your arms above your head when ARoS unveils the new innovative forum for learning and interpretation, ARoS Public. 

On Wednesday 26 October at 4 p.m., ARoS throws open the doors to ARoS Public, occupying an entire floor of 1900 sq.m. There are debating rooms, workshops, shared office space, a studio, and three digital stations where visitors can wise up to art and perhaps learn something about themselves. All activities focus on dialogue and participation.

- ARoS Public is our way of making art relevant and accessible to even more people. We will be setting completely new standards for art interpretation now and in the future while also taking a giant step in relation to the ARoS vision plan 2020, says museum director Erlend G. Høyersten, ARoS.

ARoS Public is supported by Nordea-fonden with DKK 26.5 million and by the City of Aarhus with DKK 3 million.

- ARoS Public will help ARoS unlock a world of art for new target groups – a milestone in the museum world, says Henrik Lehmann Andersen, director of Nordea-fonden, which provides support for good living.


ARoS Public is based on the belief that art is most exciting when it engages people and that it becomes a real asset once this meeting triggers new forms of social interaction. The forum for learning and interpretation is a unique setting where stimulating dialogue based on art and society can unfold. It is a modern community centre and an exploratorium – a discerning playground for people of all ages.

- ARoS Public is your space. You can hang out with your friends, meet your neighbour, laugh with your children and your parents, work together, meet new people, and ask questions. You can surprise us, share your thoughts, make us wiser and be heard. Art helps us to understand and interpret ourselves and the world around us, says Marianne Grymer Bargeman, director of learning and interpretation, ARoS.


At ARoS Public, guests can visit creative workshops, take part in debates, listen to talks, attend lectures, and have a dialogue with working artists. Besides this, the forum for learning and interpretation has three digital stations available where you can explore works from the ARoS collection. The stations (Eye-catcher, the Portrait Machine, and the Commentary Box) are developed jointly with the company Local Projects from New York. The stations are designed specifically for ARoS Public – a world first for digital solutions used in this way.

- Pivoting on the museum’s collection of art, the digital stations at ARoS Public invite visitors to create, share, collaborate, and enter into dialogue. ARoS Public is the first place in the world to interpret art in this way, says Jake Barton, director and founder of Local Projects.  

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