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Love Conquers All!

- af The Icelandic Love Corporation

In early October, under the heading Love Conquers All!, the third exhibition this year in the series ARoS FOCUS//NEW NORDIC will open at ARoS. This time, the Icelandic artist trio The Icelandic Love Corporation invites you to partake in interactive Scandinavian art spiced up with humour, feminism and, not least, love.

- We’re very proud to present The Icelandic Love Corporation at ARoS. Visitors are actively encouraged to interact with the works in the exhibition and, in this way, act on the art. Who is bold enough to answer the red telephone when it rings? What form will the dialogues between visitors and artists take? We will be eagerly anticipating the outcome of this, says Erlend G. Høyersten, museum director, ARoS.


The artist trio consists of Eirún Sigurðardóttir (b.1971), Jóní Jónsdóttir (b.1972), and Sigrún Hrólfsdóttir (b.1973), all from Iceland. They were educated at the Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts in 1996 where they began their collaborative venture. Later, they lived and worked in New York, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Reykjavik where they now live and work.

The trio has taken part in many solo and group exhibitions all over the world. They have staged several performances – for example in connection with the exhibition Think Less - Feel More in 2014 at the National Gallery of Iceland and, in 2011, at Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö. Their most recent performance, Psychography, premiered 25 August this year in Iceland.

The Icelandic Love Corporation also designed a number of costumes for the singer Björk – costumes that were exhibited in 2015 at the retrospective exhibition Björk at MoMA, New York.


Love Conquers All! comprises six works, which combine installation with video, sound and light, sculptures, and performance art. Three of them (Treasure, Desire, and Onophone) are specially created for the exhibition at ARoS. The gallery is designed as a playful and surreal universe consisting of gossamer-like corridors made of brightly coloured nylon stockings.

Treasure: The work includes two trampolines that visitors are free to use. If you decide to have a go at jumping, you will catch a glimpse of a room designed by the artists behind a mirrored wall and ordinarily hidden from view. 

Desire: This installation comprises a film and the sound of a step dancer’s shoes against a metallic dance floor. Visitors are invited to join in and put on step shoes. However, the shoes are anything but ordinary and have magnets fitted that will make the dancer gravitate towards the floor.

Onophone: A work consisting of a red vintage telephone – the artists will be making calls from Reykjavik on a daily basis to discuss various issues with visitors (e.g. power issues, love, climate issues, and solidarity). Visitors are invited to answer the phone when it rings to have a chat with the artists.

Catalogue: To accompany the exhibition, ARoS will be publishing a 150-page catalogue containing, among much else, pictures of the works exhibited and of previous performances by the artists, a peer-reviewed article written by Camilla Skovbjerg Paldam, associate professor and PhD in art history, Aarhus University, an interview with the artists by Maria Kappel Blegvad, and a poem written by the artists.

Curator-in-charge: Maria Kappel Blegvad, ARoS

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