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Jacob Kirkegaard - all & nothing 

The sound of abandoned spaces in Chernobyl, of melting ice, and of the wall in Palestine.

The exhibition all & nothing by the Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard (b.1975) is the seventh in the exhibition series ARoS FOCUS//NEW NORDIC, spotlighting young Scandinavian artists. Kirkegaard is internationally renowned for his fascinating recordings of all manner of sounds and ARoS now presents five of his striking sound installations, of which the work Black Metal Square #1 – 3 has been created specifically for the exhibition all & nothing.

- Sonic art is a special niche within contemporary art and Jacob Kirkegaard is a pioneer in this field. Sound requires time and in the process of listening and waiting you may find that a new awareness comes to you. This is the experience we want our visitors to have, says Erlend G. Høyersten, museum director.


Kirkegaard’s works address the premise that everything contains sound. By means of advanced equipment, he records sounds from below the water’s surface, the resonance of abandoned spaces, and sound from deep within the human ear. Combining scientific examination and artistic staging, Kirkegaard reminds us that sound is often given very low priority in the modern visual world.

- In all & nothing, we realise that art can be much more than a visual language. Art can equally be sound and frequencies, capable of transporting people to other places, geographically, or in terms of attitudes or emotions, says Pernille Taagaard Dinesen, curator, ARoS.

The five works selected for Kirkegaard’s exhibition at ARoS are: Isfald (2013), Black Metal Square #1-3 (2017), Aion (2006), Earside Out (2015), and Through the Wall (2014).

Jacob Kirkegaard was educated at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany in 2006. He has previously shown at MoMA, New York, the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, and the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo. He says: We’re living in times that focus intensely on the pictorial medium. We tend to find sound difficult, because it unfolds over time. One can’t experience sound the way one experiences a picture. You have to bring time into the equation and you have to accept that sound is vibrations that envelop you. I’m interested in grasping the world rather than just understanding it. Sound can be a way to grasp the world.

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