OPEN TODAY 10 - 17
Under the patronage of
Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II

ARoS for children and young adults

Through dialogue, instructive interaction, presence and creativity, the museum strives to form quality relations between the art and the children and young adults.


With respect for the qualifications of children and young people, ARoS wants to arouse their curiosity and give them an insight into the world of art. The presentation is based on dialogue and is learning-orientated. Great importance is attached to the interactive and playing part, but also to the analytical, historical and formal insight into the world of art.


ARoS is the setting for the optimum meeting between children and young adults and the art. The meeting takes place through instructive and creative activities in which the children and the young are challenged by the art and in which they can express their experiences.


Through flexibility, receptiveness and a sense of each age group, ARoS is an attractive and meaningful zone in which amusement and understanding come together.


The presentation of art at ARoS provides the children and the young with the possibility of becoming absorbed and offers an alternative reflection of today’s hyper-complex society.

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