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The Icelandic Love Corporation _Crystal Carpet _2015_Courtesy The Artists

The Icelandic Love Corporation: Crystal Carpet, 2015. Courtesy the artists

ARoS Focus/New Nordic: The Icelandic Love Corporation 

1st of October 2016 – 22nd of January 2017

Love is the most powerful element in the world. If we want to change the world into a better place, love should not be reduced to clichés. In fact, we need to speak up about love as a useful medicine against a lot of problems, both socially and politically. It is like a boomerang. Love comes back to you if you give it away!

These are the words of the Icelandic artists’ group The Icelandic Love Corporation counting the artists Eirún Sigurðardóttir (b.1971), Jóní Jónsdóttir (b.1972), and Sigrún Hrólfsdóttir (b.1973). Together, they form the backbone of the sixth exhibition in the series ARoS FOCUS // NEW NORDIC, this time entitled Love Conquers All! Consistent with the artists’ at once interactive and playful approach to art, the title stresses love as the most supreme power in the fight for a better world, focusing on community, sustainability, courage, and action.

Udstillingen The Icelandic Love Corporation - Love Conquers All! byder p en legende tilgang til kunsten, der betoner krligheden som middel i kampen for en bedre verden. bner lrdag d. 1. okt.

Opslået af ARoS Aarhus Art Museum på 29. september 2016


As a whole, the exhibition urges us to actively take part in the art on show. We are led into a playful universe consisting of gossamer-like corridors constructed of boldly coloured nylon stockings. In addition to this, there are six works: CRYSTAL CARPET and BLACK BRAIN from 2015 as well as four brand new works, DESIRE, WEB, TREASURE, and ONOPHONE. The new works encourage you to be physically active. It is a good idea, therefore, if you take your shoes off at this point.

DESIRE has, for example, a metallic dance floor. You are encouraged to put on step shoes that are a little out of the ordinary. How exactly that might be, will be revealed once you put on the shoes and step onto the dance floor.

To discuss vital issues with visitors the artists will make calls several times a day from Reykjavik to the work ONOPHONE, a red telephone placed in the centre of the gallery. So please do answer the phone when it rings.

The largest installation, TREASURE, includes two trampolines. If you decide to jump on them, you will be able to catch a glimpse of an otherwise invisible room that the artists have designed behind the long mirrored wall at the end of the gallery. This work is about getting a brief look of an underlying reality that will be revealed to us in glimpses if we make an active effort.

Generally, the exhibition addresses life’s giant powers and toys with ideas of what might happen when we allow ourselves to be governed by energies that are greater than us. So don’t be shy.

The Icelandic Love Corporation _Tight _2010_Courtesy The Artists

The Icelandic Love Corporation: Tight, 2010. Courtesy The Artists

The exhibition is supported by:

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