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Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II

ARoS Public –1900 m2 of new innovative gallery

ARoS Public constitutes a new floor at ARoS; a modern community centre which, from the end of October 2016, will occupy Level 3 with new workshops, an artist-in-residence studio where artists can work for periods of varying duration, a salon, an auditorium, and three digital stations: Blikfanger (the Eye Catcher), Portrætmaskinen (the Portrait Machine), and Kommentatorboksen (the Commentary Box).

ARoS Public will contribute to extending the museum space, softening the transitions between art, practising artists, and the audience. We believe that art is at its most exciting at the point where it interacts with you and most valuable when this interaction sparks off new forms of social interchange. ARoS Public will grant the museum an opportunity to create a unique context for meaningful and stimulating dialogues based on art and the world we live in. ARoS Public is an exploratorium, a discerning playground, a mental fitness centre – and we look forward to inviting you to come and see for yourself! 


Here, the movement of your eyes will be traced while you watch a work of art. This will show you how you look at art compared to others. Do your eyes move quickly or do they linger to take in details? Do you view a greater part of the picture plane than the average visitor? Which details do you pay special attention to?


In the Portrait Machine, you will assume the role of model or artist. When you pose as a model on one side of the screen, the computer will register parts of your body – your head, elbow, torso – and suggest works in the museum collection that ‘resemble’ you. Against this background, you and others are encouraged to do portraits using elements from various works of art. This is made possible by using a brand-new kind of transparent screen with organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). 


Together with another person, you will enter the Commentary Box where you will be presented with a work of art and a question to start you off. While the two of you are discussing the work, your movements and comments are recorded and finalised in an image file (GIF). This patent memento from your museum visit is created via new speech-to-text technology. 

Director Erlend G. Høyersten and the Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos in the recording booth

THE AROS artist-in-residence STUDIO

This studio will be a workroom for successive artists – national, international, unknown and world famous – who, for periods of varying duration will be moving into ARoS to practice their art, and visitors are invited to drop in for a look and a chat about the artistic process.


The salon is a space where informal events and meetings will be held. In addition to this, the place will, at certain times of the day, function as a work space for emerging talents from the local art scene. The doors will, as a rule, always be open – so drop by and find out what’s going on.


The Auditorium will be home to film screenings and large events of a formal nature. When there are no scheduled activities, there will be an opportunity to see video works from the ARoS collection where visitors decide which works they want to see.


The ARoS Studios will form the backbone of the analogue part of the interpretative activities. Consisting of three new workshops, it will serve the 150,000 children and adults currently visiting ARoS. There will also be facilities in support of ARoS’ plans to offer distance learning to classes unable to get to the museum. 

ARoS Public will be opening on 26 October, so do come and join in a wholly new experience of art. See you!

2016_10-18_Portrait Machine

The Portrait Machine

ARoS Public is supported by Nordea Fonden

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