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Velcome to ARoS Public

ARoS Public is for everyone. This is a place where you can explore, discuss and get new perspectives on life through art. You can meet working artists in our open studio, take part in discussions in the Salon, watch films in the Auditorium, get creative in the Studios and try three unique digital stations: The Eyetracker, The Portrait Machine and The Recording Booth. You are also welcome to use the Salon whenever you simply want a break, to hold a meeting or need a place to work. ARoS Public is open during regular museum opening hours, and most of the activities are free to museum visitors.  

ARoS Atelier

ARoS Atelier is our open studio – a workspace used by a succession of artists who relocate their practice to ARoS for brief or extended periods at a time. The objective of the open studio is to generate greater general understanding of how artistic work is done and to offer a place where museum visitors can meet professional artists.

Papmache Workshop 2_Maja Theodoraki

Family work shop with artist Kirsten Astrup. Photo: Maja Theodoraki

You can read more and watch film clips about artists at the open studio – past and present – here.


The Salon is a space for discussions, workshops, a mid-morning cup of coffee, after-hour meetings, informal events, talks, relaxing and pop-up exhibitions – and at certain times of the day the Salon also acts as a public shared office space.  


ARoS Public. Photo: Maja Theodoraki

ARoS Auditorium

The Auditorium is the setting of the museum’s film club, major lectures, concerts, themed events, conferences and discussions. When no scheduled events are booked, you can watch video works from the ARoS collection as chosen by you.   

ARoS Studios 

The ARoS Studios comprise two large workshops and a smaller space reserved for groups with special needs. The ARoS Studios are primarily used to conduct classes and workshops for children and adults, and to present student productions. Teaching and homework tutoring is also offered as distance learning. In addition to this, ARoS Studios includes a wardrobe and a lunch room where visiting institutions can enjoy their packed lunches.

ARoS digital stations

Blikfanger _banner

The three unique digital stations were developed by Local Projects, New York, in close co-operation with ARoS. Each in their own way, the stations encourage active participation – from the quiet contemplation of the Eyetracker to the playful, physical challenges of the Portrait Machine and the intimate, personal conversations in the Recording Booth.


ARoS Public – det første år:

På Spor af Kunst og Ord (in Danish only): A book containing articles and a catalogue of ideas to serve as inspiration for everyone who works with language development in children in connection with art experiences and creative processes. Download the book here

Listen to four podcasts about ARoS Public her

ARoS Public -  the first year

Marking the first year of ARoS Public’s existence, this book collects a range of thoughts and reflections about what ARoS Public is and does.

ARoS Public is supported by Nordea Fonden

Nordea Fonden

2016_10-18_Portrait Machine

The Portrait Machine – When you pose on one side of the screen, the computer registers parts of your body – head, elbow, torso – and suggests works from the museum collections that might resonate with you.

The three new digital stations were developed in co-operation with  Local Projects

Local Projects _logo

Podcast fra ARoS Public

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